This November, I will develop a project. Concerning my fellow colleages and teachers it will be a project dedicated to a last academic year, an educational project, which involves technical issues, pedagogical tools and that I will try to make a statement, But, appart from my intention, it will stagnate, it will stop, it will fade. My projet would become, naturally, ephemeral.

However, for me, it’s precisely the opposite. I’ll work till my bones drop, I will try to dive into a month of great prosperity and excellence. I will make real, tangible, viable proposals and present something that reflect several years of development, progress and effort; a project that is responsible and that acts; a project that serves, in the best way possible, society, culture, people, freedom and, furthermore, that appeals to critical thinking.


In that sense, I thought that the best way for me to present myself to you was to publish my first questions regarding the first idea that I had:


What is design for children? How is it made? What is it made of? What is the reason beneath self-evidence and visual perception? Why should children have the exact same object, but with such particular treatment, regarding not only the visual, but ergonomic appeal?